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With our custom essay writing services, you'll get:

  • Essay writing service
  • Research papers
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  • Dissertation writing
  • Coursework writing
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Our features

  • No plagiarism at all
  • Guaranteed discretion
  • Approx. 275 words / page
  • FREE bibliography page
  • FREE MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago and Turabian Style
  • Double spacing
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  • You retain the copyrights
  • Original and creative work
  • User-friendly ordering and uploading

We respect your deadlines

As soon as we receive confirmation of your payment, we will send your order to a writer who will meet your specific requirements. Reading, thinking, and developing ideas all take time, and we do understand that time is a scarce resource. We need to organize what students have of it and ration it carefully. Therefore, our writers set two dates: the actual due date and an earlier date, the date by which we (as a company) intend to have students research essays finished. We shall try utmost to make this earlier date, at least a day or two prior to your original deadline.

What makes us different from our competitors?

At AuthorsMania, our custom essays, research papers, term papers, book reviews, speeches, dissertations writing and thesis are all written from scratch. Using over 700 professionals, each vetted by our in-house Quality department, we assign you the best professionals with the qualifications and experience to provide you the excellent essays, research papers, term papers, dissertations, and thesis help. The papers written once never reused, nor sold as prewritten essays, as is NOT affiliated with any prewritten essay database site unlike some of our competitors in the market.

Our professionals write an essay that attempts to construct a clear argument based on the evidence of the text. It gives a clear and logical sense of direction and purpose and it starts with a simple, coherent attitude unlike our competitors who ramble aimlessly and then produce a shapeless answer. Each paragraph is a step in a developing argument and supported by textual detail which is relevant to the question. We answer the questions set. Our writers are prepared to discuss a specific aspect of the text or approach it from a slightly new or unexpected angle. We will be selective in your choice of material appropriate to the actual question.

How to write a dissertation?

Should you ask Authorsmania help when you're struggling with how to write a dissertation? In a word, YES. More experienced minds can be INVALUABLE in providing constructive ideas. The thought of having to write a 10,000-12,000 word dissertation often causes even the cleverest students feel undue apprehension and anxiety. In fact, the first word, which comes to mind for them when faced with the task of sharing starting a dissertation, is HELP!

We know that you have reached an important stage in your career, preparing to write a dissertation – a stage where many of you flounder. We know that lack of structure in the dissertation process may be a key element in the failure of many students to compete.

When you're first assigned a dissertation, you'll probably have this reaction: I might dread the whole process, feel overwhelmed, or turn into a nervous wreck. Drawing on wealth of experience with dissertations will expedite students writing skills. We have considerable familiarity with how to write a best quality dissertation. With those proficiencies in place, we bring them to a level of consciousness.